Editorial Team

Editor: Teck K Khong - tkhong@sgul.ac.uk

Teck K Khong
Dr Khong is a specialist in General Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Hypertension. He is responsible for all aspects of the Grey Book and its development. He is a Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant at St George’s Hospital Medical School and one of the few European Society of Hypertension (ESH) accredited hypertension specialists in the UK. He sees over 1500 emergency and follow-up hypertension-related consultations yearly, and, co-runs the in-patient Cardiovascular Medicine team and Blood Pressure Unit. His group's research has previously won the British Hypertension Society Young Investigator’s Prize. As well as editor of the Grey Book, he is author of the award-winning “Drugs in Cardiology”. Dr Khong otherwise has a strong interest in medical education innovation, particularly focusing on the application of inter-professional education in a modern National Health Service.


Sub-editor: Vivien Perkins - vperkins@sgul.ac.uk

Viven Perkins
Following a Humanities degree at Oxford, Vivien has worked for 40 years in the film and television industry. In 2000 during an industry downturn, she joined Professor Joe Collier’s Pharmacology team, sub-editing the Grey Book twice a year for distribution to first year clinical students, junior doctors, and over 300 Trust consultants. Since Dr Teck Khong took over as Editor in 2007, the Grey Book has expanded substantially to reflect developments in emergency care. Joe’s original idea was an emergency handbook in every junior doctor’s pocket. With the transition to electronic publication, the Grey Book appeared on the Trust and School Intranet sites for download to personal computers. Vivien continues to support the Grey Book team producing the downloadable App, for the smartphone in every junior doctor’s pocket!


Educational Editor: Culadeeban Ratneswaran - c.ratneswaran@gmail.com

Dr Ratneswaran, teaching and research fellow at St George's University of London (SGUL), led the development of the Grey Book Educational Website and, as well as editing, is responsible for the educational application of the Grey Book. He co-founded the novel SGUL Red Flags Course (@SGflag) and was awarded a triple merit in his first year of appointment at the St George's Excellence in Education Conference, and also best educational poster. His work with Dr Khong, in renewing the MPharm clinical curriculum, received national acclaim. He holds multiple international research awards, scholarships and travel grants and has an interest in smoking, respiratory and sleep research. He has established a number of philanthropic medical education courses and conferences, with recent donations to the British Lung Foundation.


Website and Mobile Phone Applications Developer: Twm Davies

Twm Davies
Twm Davies is a junior doctor working in Surrey, having studied at St George’s Medical School. Before entering medicine, he gained a degree in computer science and worked as a software engineer and product manager in the mobile phone industry, with projects delivering to customers from far afield as Finland, Korea and Japan. As a freelancer he has contributed chapters to books on mobile software development and delivered training courses on managing large scale software projects.Twm believes that bespoke software for healthcare can be transformative but the skills to develop the solutions are often out of the reach of individuals and small organisations. Being both a developer and consumer of the grey book app, it quickly evolved to meet the needs of the real world of clinical practice.


Pharmacy Liaison: Wendy Pullinger

Wendy Pullinger
Wendy is a Deputy Chief Pharmacist. She joined St George’s University Hospitals in 2001 initially as an education and training pharmacist with a specialist interest in senior health. Her role and interest have developed to include medication safety, performance management, medicines optimisation and research. She is one of the education leads for the Trust developing education and training for the wider healthcare team. Her medication safety team won a “Team of the Year” award in 2013 and were delighted that St George’s became a foundation trust in February 2015. Wendy is primarily responsible for overseeing the clinical-pharmacological updates in the Grey Book guidelines in conjunction with the link consultants.


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